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Nov. 16th, 2008

Fucking fattttt! I've lost over 9 kgs, but i'm still huge, 69.6kgs, but its going down!

Sorry its stolen.

1. Do your parents know about your ED?
No, But i wanna tell my mum

2. How about your friends?
A few

3. Ever been to recovery?

4. How much weight do you want to lose?

5. What do you think started your ED?
The fact poeple have never accepted me the way i am

6. What other illnesses besides an ED do you have?

7 Do any of your friends have an ED?
1 but we aren't friends at the moment

8. Does anyone in your family have an ED?

9. How often do you weigh yourself?
Every few days

Put an "x" in the boxes that apply to you:
[x] I am or have been suicidal
[x] I do/used to self harm
[x ] I drink/use drugs
[x] I purge
[x] I hide/throw away food
[ ] I hardly have any friends because of my ED
[ ] I never go out anymore
[ ] I exercise excessively

Finish the sentence...
1. When I weigh myself... I'm proud if i lost weight, depressed if gained
2. I eat... Not a hell of alot
3. I hate... My body!
4. If I were at my ultimate goal weight... I'd feel accepted
5. If my parents knew about my ED... Dunno?
6. I need... To loose weight!.
7. I lie... About my drug use, smoking, wagging, eating, EVERYTHING.
8. I miss... Feeling loved.



So yeah! ive been bulimic for 2 years, since i was 14, So i'm 16, going through normal teen shit, I smoke way too much weed, drink til i'm way too drunk, and care about what people think about me tooooo much. I dont take rejection very well. Fucking bulimia is every i have, i have the control only this one thing, fasting is hrad, of corse its fucking hard, you're not eating for ages! get the fuck over it! I'm over being FAT! 72.5kgs is HUGE! i'm only like 5,3" if that! ewwwww, so yeah, im over eating, over drinking, over eating fucking pizza! i dont even like the shit! I miss having that person to fall asleep with, that person to go home to after work, that person to 'be' with.


Food no-more!


Me and Mia know each other well.. For a couple of years now, But last year we got really close.
Yes, I am bulimic, I am not ashamed of the fact. But I am proud i can be myself.
Yes i know I am killing myself, From the inside out, but i can;t stop until i feel beautiful...
Achieving perfection is my lifes goal....



Hello, I'm so lost in this world, not knowing what way to turn, My life just seems to be spiraling down and around... I'm no longer belonging, just wanting to dissapear.

Theres so much wrong, YET hardly suffering...

Ohk, So I'm _ _ _ _, I live in New Zealand. YAY!
I love my friends, They're the only people that keep me alive.
They are you oxygen. My Water. The Beat of my heart.
At the moment, I'm not as happy as i could be.
My BF broke up with me last week, So I'm not yet Over that...
Kinda sucks. But I want to be Happy.... HAPPY!

Please Comment me, I want your comments....



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